Whiteoaks PR


The Challenge

How do you re-create major Hollywood Blockbusters on a tiny budget? Whiteoaks is a specialist PR agency working in the broadcast and technology sectors. Each year they attend the major trade shows around the world, when they meet current and potential clients. But how to attract the attention of these busy people?

The Solution

Working with Valiant Design, we developed the solution of a Mission ‘Possible’ idea for the 2016 shows. These messages were to be delivered in interesting ways (a Top Secret box for instance). Essentially they were straightforward pieces to camera¬†from Whiteoaks CEO, so filming was mainly a question of style and accuracy. Then came the search for appropriate (and affordable music), the recreation of the titles complete with fuse, some fancy motion graphics and lots of little sound effects to complete the illusion. OK, so they aren’t quite up to the standard of films costing hundreds of millions, but they worked beautifully. So we did it again this year with Star Wars and a green screen…

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