Website header video


The Challenge

Caldicot Metal Decorators is one of the largest metal printing businesses in Europe, with clients all over the world. They specialise in printing on metal to be made into tins for food. This includes packaging for infant formula which requires an incredible level of quality as well as special security features for the Chinese market. However, they needed to rebrand themselves to reflect their position as a global business, whilst acknowledging their proud tradition as a manufacturer in Wales. The rebrand was carried out by Valiant Design and ‘Tinmasters’ was born. Part of that change, of course, involved a new and sophisticated website. Valiant commissioned Webb Films to create a background ‘ambient’ video to showcase the business that would be front and centre of the new site.

The Solution

Following a visit to Tinmasters’ factory to learn about the factory and its processes, I worked with Valiant’s creative team to develop a storyline that would show potential new clients what Tinmasters does and something of the scale of its operation. A key factor was that the video had to work without sound. It needed to be compelling imagery to draw potential customers in. A second,  crucial, element was to create a shot displaying some of their most recognisable brand products. This needed to be alterable for future changes, so was created as a motion graphics animated sequence using pack photography and a virtual camera panning across the products. Incidentally, the music was added purely for the version on this website. To see the video in context, visit the Tinmasters website.

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