The Right Hook

The Challenge

Your are a bunch of talented professional musicians who make your main income by playing at events. But it’s a competitive market, especially if you are targeting corporate entertainment. So how do you show what you can do to potential customers who will be charged a healthy fee? A video is, of course, the answer; but you don’t have a big budget and you want something that looks and sounds great.

The Solution

Enter Webb Films. The Right Hook asked if I might be able to film live at one of their corporate performances and capture enough footage to build a promo video. So it’s off to London’s Hippodrome with just a single opportunity to get everything we needed. I used one main camera, plus two others strategically placed to provide locked off shots. The audio from the performance was recorded live into the camera, and also as a multitrack by the band themselves, who were then able to provide an enhanced mix of the evening. This then had to be synced to the video, which could then be edited with specific lighting effects that the band had seen elsewhere and wanted to use. A fun part of making it look (and sound) really slick was getting the transitions from one song to the next right. ┬áThe end result: a video calling card.

Just to confirm that the whole band love the video. [The singers’s] videographer mate
also saw it and commented on the high quality of your work.

Matt Dean

Drummer and manager, The Right Hook

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