Listed Building Surveys


The Challenge

Duncan Philips is one of the UK’s foremost experts on Listed Buildings. Over recent years he has developed his surveying business to the point where he can pick the projects he would like to work on. Part of achieving this has been creating a high profile with articles, lectures and videos. He wanted to create a promotional video to show what a specialist survey was about; to avoid it being too dry it had to draw on the style of some of the property shows on television. The other key aim was to present himself to potential clients, to give a flavour of his expertise and to begin the process of building relationships with people who are potentially about to make a sizeable investment.  He also commissioned a series of quick-tip lectures called ‘Coffee Break Conservation’ to help both home-owners and surveyors who have dealings with a listed building. These all contribute to a growing portfolio of content that is driving traffic to his website.

The Solution

Webb Films has worked with Duncan on a number of projects including live lecture filming, the Coffee Break Conservation Series and this promotional video. The main promo was shot in a day, very much as a fly-on-the wall with the addition of a couple of pieces to camera and a voice-over recorded in the back of a BMW (which is acoustically excellent). The eventual buyer of the house very generously gave permission for his survey to be filmed, but obviously that was Duncan’s key focus for the day – it wasn’t staged and there was no time for trickery or retakes. The survey had to be completed, preferably without falling through a ceiling while working in the loft space. Other work included finding the right kind of music, and enhancing some of the still imagery supplied by Duncan. The videos below provide a couple of examples of live lecture recording and the short ‘Coffee Break Conservation’ series which was filmed using a chromakey screen.

We are really pleased with the video that Giles has produced for us.  He has been extremely easy to work with and is very conscientious of the quality of the finished film.  The result inspires confidence for our clients.

Dr Duncan Philips

MSc, MPhil, PhD, CEnv, MRICS, IHBC, Listed Building Surveys Ltd

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