Greased Lightning:

Car Cleaning Products

The Challenge

Greased Lightning is a brand of innovative and high quality car cleaning products, the mainstay being ‘Showroom Shine’, a cleaner and polish that can be used without any water. While the company sells through standard retail outlets, a significant proportion of sales have come through the shopping channel QVC and online. The standard format for the shopping channel ‘sell’ is a live studio demo, but bringing a car into a studio is not practical for a 10 minute slot, so parts of the presentation are done with a ‘VT’ playing while the presenters chat through the benefits of the products. These videos need to be updated and re-versioned from time to time as new products are launched, and different bundles are offered containing a selection of different products. Other versions have also been required for QVC France.

The Solution

I have worked with Greased Lightning and their presenter, Charlie George, for several years producing VT inserts for broadcast on QVC. Essentially, they are relatively simple demonstrations. The challenge is to be able to show a product at work which doesn’t necessarily show up well on camera. It also needs to look genuine, so no hint of trickery. The shoots have often needed to be produced quickly due to the fluctuating nature of the product offering on the channel. Together, we have built a small library of videos and raw footage that can be re-worked as needed, and most have later been updated with the addition of a voice-over for use on the Greased Lightning website.

The first two examples are voice-over versions, the third is an example of a QVC VT with no audio.


These are great! Thanks so much for all your help.

Sam Hogan

Managing Director, Greased Lightning

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