DCSL Software


The Challenge

DCSL Software is an award-winning software development business based in Farnborough. To continue their recent rapid growth, they need to regularly recruit new staff, from developers to software architects, testers and support staff. This is a notoriously competitive area of recruitment, so the company decided it needed to use video to promote the benefits of working there to potential recruits from all over the world. This needed to be done quickly and on a strict budget.

The Solution

Webb Films won the contract to produce a series of short videos on a competitive tender. The aim of the videos was simple: to show real people from the company talking about the benefits in a real way. The key, therefore, was to establish with DCSL what they thought those benefits are, and rate their importance. Prior to filming, it was essential to develop a series of questions, with alternatives, that would allow the staff chosen to represent DCSL to speak naturally and enthusiastically whilst answering the specific brief. One day was spent filming interviews, and another filming in and around the office, and in the local area. The resulting six videos are working well for the company, particularly for candidates who will have to relocate to the UK.

Thanks again for this excellent piece of work – we’ll certainly be back to you in the future for new video work and I will recommend you should anyone ask!

Nick Thompson

Managing Director, DCSL Software

DCSL Software – Working in Farnborough

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