Box Technologies


The Challenge

Box Technologies is an industry-leading retail technology and customer engagement business for Point of Sale, Mobile, Kiosk and Digital Signage. They wanted to create a B to B video that would work in two ways: both as a vehicle that would showcase the breadth and depth of the business, and to provide an engaging video background for their new website. They were very clear that they wanted to get across the delight that can be achieved when consumers interact with their technology. And the video needed to show the business as agile and forward thinking with a consultative approach, and as a desirable proposition for potential acquisition.


The Solution

We spent two days filming at Box’s headquarters in Oxfordshire. One day was devoted to interviews of key members of staff, including some media training for the future. The second was to concentrate on products, the distribution centre and digital signage in their custom-built meeting/showroom. Part of the time was spent working with people engaging with the displays, and also working directly into the camera as if touching an interactive screen – there were some great performances! The videos were then constructed using mostly live footage, but also with motion graphics, multiple image overlays and a careful choice of music.

The Kath Kidston Case Study

Part of Box’s media strategy has been to employ video case studies to provide powerful proof of what they do. The example below is very market specific – unlikely to be of interest unless retail point-of-sale systems are your thing – but demonstrates very effectively Box’s ability to engage successfully with a major high street brand. This had to be created quickly – interviews with three members of Kath Kidston’s senior staff had to be completed before Oxford Street store opened to the public. Everything else had to be shot hand-held so as not to disrupt customers. However it was a great environment with plenty of visually interesting material to support the story.

Box Kath Kidston Case Study

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